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Building Program

When Do I Need a Building Permit ~ Why Do I Need a Building Permit

Howard Palmer, Building Program Tech
Phone: 541-573-8174

Brett Thomas, GIS/Building Assistant 

Rex Turner, Temporary Harney County Building Official

Current Events:

We are going to an ePermitting program and have some training on the 29th of January. The last Attachment is the invitation for you to attend the meeting, not sure What kind of link we need to put it in the website or not. Jerod Broadfoot will be doing the training, Hope to see you there. Please follow this link for additional information.

The One and Two Family Dwelling Structural Permit Checklist will provide a listing of everything you will need to make the Building Permit Plan Review and subsequent permit issuance quicker and more efficient.

Building Permit Applications-Commercial & Residential
(These files are in PDF format)  UPDATED applications are now posted


Manufactured Home Placement




Electrical Permit

Manufactured Home Placement Permit

Mechanical Permit Plumbing Permit

Structural Permit