Exhibit Rules & Regulations

Follow this link for the Harney County Fair Entry Form

Open class exhibits are judged under the American System:  One (1) blue; one (12) red, and one (1) white will be awarded in each lot except in the case of fewer than four (4) exhibits per lot.  Ribbons will be awarded at the judge’s discretion.


  1. The general supervision of the entrance gates, grounds, police regulations and exhibits is vested in the Fair Board.
  2. Exhibitors must at all times give necessary and personal attention to whatever they may have on exhibition, and at the close of the fair, take charge of same.  The Board of Directors will use every precaution in their power for the safe presentation of all activities and animals on exhibition but will not be responsible for loss or damage.  Exhibitors will attend to their article or animals during the fair and at the close of the fair attend to the removal.
  3. Any owner or exhibitor not properly caring for livestock will be requested to remove same from grounds and will not be allowed to compete for prizes offered.  Clean, well-cared-for livestock makes for a better fair.  All cattle must be double tied.
  4. The Fair Board will provide bedding for livestock for a fee.  Exhibitors must care for and feel all stock and poultry on the grounds.
  5. Any persons knowingly violating any rules of the Fair Board will thereby forfeit and be barred from receiving premiums which may be awarded to them.
  6. The Fair Board will assume no responsibility for injury to competitor, employee, spectator, vehicles or equipment.
  7. Any and all accidents should be reported immediately to fair personnel.
  8. In order to assure more orderly parking, there will be attendants available to assist you.  The Fair Board will appreciate the cooperation of everyone in helping keep the grounds safe and orderly.


  1. When there is only one entry in a division or there is no competition, it is the judge’s decision whether an award should be given and what the award may be.
  2. Upon entry of each animal or article, a card will be furnished each exhibitor specifying the class, number and entry; said card is to remain attached to such articles during exhibition and to the pen or stall in case of livestock.
  3. Only one entry in each lot may be made by an exhibitor.
  4. Each exhibitor must fill out an entry blank and present same to entry clerk in his division at the fairgrounds before exhibits are put on display.  Entry forms, number and exhibitor tag may be picked up at the County Extension Office before fair opening dates.
  5. The entry clerks are not responsible for errors in classification of entries, therefore, exhibitors should check their entry blanks and entry tags carefully.
  6. Each exhibitor must place complete entry tags on each exhibity.
  7. Stall cards will be provided for all livestock exhibits.  Livestock exhibitors will be required to place stall cards on pens or stalls.
  8. No entry improperly marked or improperly tagged will be judged.
  9. Entries made by two or more exhibitors which appear to have been prepared by one person may be disqualified by the judge.
  10. Every animal or article must be entered for competition in the name of the bonafied owner or maker.  Persons trying to deceive the superintendent in regard to ownership of articles or animals shall forfeit all claims for premiums.
  11. Articles taking first place in other years in the Home Economics department, 4-H department except 4-H livestock are not eligible for entry for prizes in this fair.  They may be entered for exhibition only , but will not be judged.

All livestock waste must be put in manure trash bins at the fairgrounds.