Grand Marshals

It’s An Honor To Have Ed & Rita Herrera As Our 2016 Grand Marshals

There must have been some devine inspiration behind the selection of the 2016 Grand Marshals Ed and Rita Herrera for the Harney County Fair, Rodeo and Racemeet held September 6-11, 2016.

Ed and Rita have been involved in kid activities since becoming parents to three sons.  Neither are natives, Rita moving here in the 6th grade, Ed choosing Harney County as a young man.  They both said they would not go on a blind date, yet that is how they met, as most of us their ages, at the drive-in movie.  And as they say, the rest is history:  40 plus years of marriage, three sons, eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.  At a younger age, after a life filled with “adventure”, Ed decided as a parent he needed to give back to the community which was providing such wonderful life opportunities to his family.  He volunteered as a coach for his boy’s athletic endeavors, finally ending as an umpire in little league, filling a need in the community.  Ed’s efforts to provide a positive baseball experience for all kids was recognized in 1990 as the Little League Volunteer of the Year.  In the same year, Ed was appointed to the Harney County Fair Board.

By 1995 the volunteer bug really gnawed on Rita.  She had worked in the banking industry, surviving 3 buy outs at one bank.  She had the opportunitiy to train three new bosses.  He banking career included working for four banks, all in the same building.  Rita became secretary of the Harney County Fair board.  Rita served 9 years on the board, while helping with the 4-H Livestock project including the auction.  Rita continues to work at the auction and livestock shows and both volunteer wherever neededd.  Most of the time discovering what to do and just doing it.

Their community involvement with kids did not end at the driveway to the fair.  They have served on the Dollars for Scholars committee for three years to provide scholarships to every deserving senior student at the county High Schools, providing a stipend to students to continue their education beyond high school.  Ed served in 2003-2004 on the Crane FFA Advisory Board, then capped his major involvement to children as a CASA advocate for 10 years:  Advocating for children who many times do not have a voice of their own in their future.

The emphasis of the 2016 Fair, Rodeo and Racemeet is on the children and young adults of Harney County.  The theme of Bucking Chutes and Dusty Boots recognizes the hard work behind both of those symbols of those people who live in Harney County.  Who better to represent the children and young adults of Harney County then the Herrera’s who have devoted their lives to making children’s lifes’ better?  It is such an honor to have Ed and Rita Herrera as the Grand Marshals of the 2016 Fair, Rodeo and Racemeet.