Reined Stock Horse Futurity

Harney County Open Horse Show

Wednesday, September 7 at the Bell A Ranch at 10 a.m.

Thursday, September 8 at the Harney County Fairgrounds at 8 a.m.

Fair gate admission will be charged to all contestants.

This is not a fair-sponsored event.  All contestants must sign a release.

High Point Super Horse – Horses must be entered as a 2-year old and compete each year through 6-years-old (no bye-years).

New Class – Non Pro Limited (Eligibility Requirements)

Ranchers Class – The class is open to any horses not already entered in the futurity

New rules, regulations and entry blanks available from Secretary Becky Rose (541-493-2300 or 541-589-1715, email or Board Members:  Casey Shelman, 541-573-1018; Dennis Buermann, 541-493-2109; Terry Hawkins, 541-573-6108; Sallianne Kelly, 541-413-0788; Callee Miller, 541-519-4748; Mary Ann Daniel, 541-573-2615.