Team Branding

September 9, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

 Please follow this link for the Team Branding Entry Form.

Women’s Team Branding

May enter one team of four and/or as a team of two for the second team.

Time limit starts at 10 minutes.

Mixed Team Branding

Will be capped at the FIRST 20 teams to enter.

Waitlist will be established in case of drop-outs

Again, FULL teams must be entered.

Senior Team Branding

May enter once, teams of two.  Time limit starts at 5 minutes.

ENTRY FEES:  Seniors $70 team; Women’s & Mixed $140 team

Money and ALL Entries are Due August 26, 2016

Mail to:  P.O. Box 872, Crane, OR  97722

NO Phone Entries

Only full teams will be accepted on the entry/no partial teams

Money must accompany entry.

Each participant will be required to sign a waiver before participating.

Team Branding Information, Rules & Regulations:

  • Team Branding deadline for all entries and fees is August 26, 2016. Late entries will be charged $5 extra per man.
  • With everyone’s cooperation, all winnings can be figured and ready to present immediately following the team branding.  Each participant will be required to sign a waiver before they will be allowed to participate in the team branding.  “County” residents are considered any Burns High School or Crane Union High School graduates, or person currently residing in Harney County.
  • Event begins at 9 a.m. Friday, September 9. 
  • Seniors:  $70 per team.  Two seniors per team (must be 60 years or older the day of the event).  Both must be “county” residents.  May only enter once.  Pick a two-member ground crew.  Teams may be mixed or matched.  Ropers must rope each calf and the ground crew will put ropes on and brand the calves.  Same penalties apply for Seniors as for the Women and Mixed.  Time limit begins at 5 minutes and is set after fastest 4th time is established.
  • Women’s:  $140 per team.  Each team needs two horses and four team members, women only.  Enter one team consisting of four women; at least three must be “county” residents, as defined above.  If you choose to rope twice your next team will be a draw team.  The Draw:  Enter with one person of your choosing and then the two of you will be put into a draw and another team of two will be drawn to make your team of four.  Single entries will be entered with another single entry through a draw and then entered in the draw for a team.  You cannot enter together if both are out-of-county.  If you draw up with another out-of-county person, it is acceptable.  Time limit begins at 10 minutes and is set after fastest 4th time is established.
  • Mixed:  $140 per team.  Each team will consist of four members, two men and two women and two horses.  One woman and one man must rope together.  Enter one time.  At least three members on the team must be “county” residents, as defined above.  Limited to the first 20 teams that enter.  Time limit begins at 8 minutes and is set after fastest 4th time is established.


  • Western attire must be worn (long sleeve shirts, boots, caps, hats or visors).
  • Only two horses per team will be allowed in the pen.
  • Calves are at one end of the corral, horses at the other and ground crew in the circle indicated by judge.  Time will start when the judge signals you.  Judge will announce placement of brand.  Ground crew must remain in the circle until horses are faced, except to pick up a dropped rope, to get up, a choked calf, to remove an illegal catch or for the riders safety.
  • You may spook the calf out of the branding circle.  Two members rope each of the first two calves while remaining two do the ground work.  The first two ropers must walk to the first calf.   they then switch after the first two calves are roped and branded.
  • All ropers must swing their ropes, no dropping loops.  NO belly catches.  There are no penalties for illegal catches, removal of the rope serves as the penalty.  ALL ILLEGAL CATCHES MUST BE REMOVED
  • In the event of a technical problem, the judges may rule that time will be restarted, lap and tap.
  • Before branding iron leaves the circle, calf must be stretched, two hind feet and two front feet and horses facing.  There is no penalty for a calf kicking out of the rope as long as feet are replaced before branded.  Disqualification results if foot is not put back in ropes before being branded.  Time is signaled when calf is up, ropes are off, ground crew and iron back in the circle.
  • Legal Head Catch:  Clean neck catch, a head and one front leg, or one figure-eighted front leg.  Ropes must be placed on front feet before branding.
  • Heeling:  As long as both hind feet go through the loop and catch in any area behind the front legs, flanks or belly, it is a legal catch.  Ropes must be placed on heels before branding.
  • The judge will announce ALL penalties before you leave the pen.  Once you are out of the pen, your time will be announced and it is FINAL.  The timers will assist the judge in each pen with penalties.  JUDGES’ DECISIONS ARE FINAL.


  • 30 Seconds – Ground crew being out of circle illegally, which consists of hazing calf or iron leaves circle before calf is stretched and horses are faced.  You may spook calf out or branding circle.
  • 30 Seconds – Both ropers must be mounted on horses before calf is roped.
  • 30 Seconds – Light, upside down or improperly laid brand.  MUST BE NEATLY BRANDED IN AREA ANNOUNCED DAY OF THE EVENT.
  • 60 Seconds – Unnecessary roughness to cattle, which includes over-stretched calves or kicking calves to get them up.
  • Disqualification – Calf kicks out of ropes and foot is not put back in ropes before being branded.  Unnecessary roughness.  No loping to the fire with calf on tight rope.  TREAT CATTLE AS IF THEY ARE YOUR OWN.

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