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Babies First! (for children on the Oregon Health Plan)       

Babies First! is a home visiting program for children newborn through age four.   Registered nurses visit children and their families in their home. This program aims to identify, as early as possible, adverse health and developmental outcomes in infants and young children identified as at risk.  Health assessment and developmental screening occur at 4,8,12, 24, 36, and 48 months of age and include:

  • Monitoring growth (height, weight, and head circumference

  • Screening of motor skills, language, adaptive behavior, personal/social skills and reflexes

  • Hearing, vision, and dental screening

  • Referral for care when screening or assessment indicates.

CaCoon (any or no insurance)

CaCoon Program is a care coordination service for children with special health needs and their families. The program assists with resources and services families need to meet the health, education, social, and vocational needs of their children.  Services include:

  • Coordination and liaison between tertiary services, local providers and family.

  • Identification of specialty resources to meet special needs (including financial and educational)

  • Monitoring of child's growth and developmental progress to maximize potential and prevent secondary complications.

  • Information and education regarding special techniques for caring for the child's special health needs.

Some things you should be seeing in your child's growth...

By end of 7 months, many children are able to:

  • Turn head when name is called

  • Smile back at another person

  • Enjoy social play (peek-a-boo)

By the end of 1 year many children are able to:

  • Use simple gestures (wave bye-bye)

  • Make sounds such as “ma” and “da”

  • Respond when told “no”

By the end of 1.5 years many children are able to:

  • Do simple pretend play (“talk” in a toy phone)

  • Point to interesting objects

  • Use several single words unprompted

By the end of 2 years many children are able to:

  • Use 2 to 4 word phrases

  • Follow simple instructions

  • Point to objects or pictures when named

By the end of three years, many children are able to:

  • Show affection for playmates

  • Use 4- 5 word sentences

  • Play make believe with dolls, animals and people (feed a teddy bear)

If you have concerns about your child, talk to your doctor, or call and talk to your home visiting nurse.

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The Harney County Health Department does not discriminate on the basis of: 1) race, 2) color, 3) national origin, 4) religion, 5) disability, 6) age, 7) sex (includes pregnancy-related conditions and sexual harassment), 8) marital or familial status, 9) sexual orientation or other class protected by law.

Interpreters or other assistive communication aids are available at no cost.