Economic Development

Randy Fulton, HCED Director
484 N Broadway
Burns, Oregon 97720
Phone: 541-573-1638
Cell 541-589-2593
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Economic Development in Harney County has been the topic of much effort over the past several years.  An incredible amount of time and money have gone into providing valuable information and resources to businesses relating to this area and to people starting a business in Harney County or for those expanding an existing operation. 

The resources listed in this site provide the basic information of this area and all of the wonderful features that make up Harney County.

Harney County has an outstanding record of community involvement in economic development activities.  Three groups of citizens have been continuously active in creative development and support of Harney County Court efforts for economic development since 1989.

These community activists include:

  • CRT-Community Response Team-The CRT meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month in the Harney County Community Center from 5:30 pm – 7 pm.

Those involved with Harney County organizations this community's potential for attracting business and visitors because of the resources found here.  Some of the last untouched wilderness is found here with pockets of development, and an urban area in Burns/Hines provides most of the amenities necessary and desirable. Thus, the work of these groups promotes and enhances the resources that are a part of the Harney County area with the development of plans and projects for the coming year.  Visit the various pages associated with the groups mentioned above to find out what it is they are doing and how you can be involved as well.