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Welcome to the Harney County Planning Department!  Most all of the land use applications, building permits and other documents we use are listed here for download, printing or reviewing right online.

Brandon McMullen, Planning Director
360 N. Alvord
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-6655
FAX: 541-573-2762

Howard Palmer, Residential Building Inspector
Phone: 541-573-8174

Brett Thomas, GIS/Building Program Tech
Phone:  541-573-8195

Current Events:

Current Land Use Applications and Potential Decisions:

** Public Notice**

The Harney County Court will hold a special review hearing to consider updates to the Harney County Comprehensive Plan related to Public Lands Policies (Local Land Use Goals and Policies for Public Lands). The County Planning Commission has approved a final draft recommendation which can be found at this link: Draft Harney County Comprehensive Plan Amendment Public Lands Policies; Official Public Notice of Hearing October 22, 2018.

  • 18-23 - Public Lands – Local Land Use Goals and Policies
    • Status:
      • 9/19/2018-  Planning Commission approves recommendation to the County Court to review and adopt updates to the County Comprehensive plan related to Public Lands Policies (Land Use)
      • 10/22/2018 – Harney County Court review hearing of proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan
  • 18-25 – Jacob and Lori Howard  – Conditional Use Permit – Non Farm Dwelling
    • Status:
      • Approved by Planning Commission on 9/19/2018
  • 18-26 – Moser Ranch  – Property Line Adjustment
    • Status:
      • Type I Review (Administrative Decision)
      • Within Public Notification Period (Ending on 10/11/2018)
      • Public Notice
  • 18-25 – Dennis and Debbie Phillips  – Conditional Use Permit – Non Farm Dwelling
    • Status:
      • Type II Review (Planning Commission Decision)
      • Within Public Notification Period
      • Public Review Hearing Before Planning Commission on 10/17/2018

Land Use Application Flow Chart:

The process involved with making land use applications under Oregon Land Use Laws and the subsequent County Comprehensive Plan can be difficult to understand so the Planning Department has developed the convenient Land Use Application Flow Chart replicated below.  Follow the link to access a full size version.


Permit Applications
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