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January 4, 2016, Press Release-Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Contact: Steve Grasty
January 4, 2016
Phone: 541-573-6356

The Harney County Court is very concerned with the ongoing situation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge is under federal jurisdiction. The County Court will stay engaged within the limits of our legal authority. Our main concern is for the safety and well-being of the citizens of this county. No one knows what the next actions will be of the outside groups who have seized control at the Refuge. In our nation we have three branches of government so that each serves as a check and balance to the others. If these militia groups believe the administrative branch is overreaching they have every right to utilize the judicial branch and or legislative branch to address their concerns. We encourage them to take this route.

The Hammond family is well respected in Harney County, motivation of the militia groups that have descended on Harney County goes far beyond the troubles of the Hammond family as demonstrated by their actions at the Refuge.

The County will be releasing regular updates making them available to media and the general public through the Harney County website 

An email has been set up for access to the Harney County Court and its members regarding the current situation