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Onsite Septic Program

Howard Palmer, Building Program Tech
Phone: 541-573-8174

Brett Thomas, GIS/Building Assistant

Warren Farham, County Onsite Specialist

Current Events:

This page is currently under construction. Check back soon for updated forms and information.

Onsite Septic System Forms

To obtain the needed applications and installation guides for septic tank installation or site evaluation, please visit the office to obtain a copy or have one emailed to you by calling 541-573-8174.

Inspections/Site Visits:

  • The inspection schedule will be available 45 days prior each date. During the winter/fall months inspections and site visits will be conducted once a month. During the spring/summer months inspections may be scheduled twice monthly.
  • The next scheduled inspection date is 6/3/2011. Please call 541-573-8174 to schedule an inspection or site visit from the County Onsite Specialist.