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Planning Commission

ORS 215.020-.030 outlines the authority and various guidelines for a Planning Commission. 


Term Expires

Mark Owens 6-30-2019
Vern Brown 6-30-2016
Barbara Arnold 6-30-2019
Don Lindner 6-30-2016
David Arntz-Chair 6-30-2017
Leon Nueschwander 6-30-2018
Wayne Evans 6-30-2018

The Planning Commission meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Planning Commission Agendas:

The Oregon Revised Statutes that deal primarily with Planning Issues are ORS 92, 197, 215, etc.

The State-Wide Planning Goals are the driving force behind Oregon's Land Use Laws.

The Oregon Administrative Rules provides greater direction as the Oregon Revised Statues are taken and put into a more usable format.