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Statement By Harney County Judge Steve Grasty on the January 6, 2016, Community Meeting

I have never been more proud of our community than I was tonight. The overflow crowd at the Memorial building at the Harney County Fairgrounds was passionate about coming together as a community. The majority of the crowd was clear in its desire to see the militants at the Refuge go home to their families. In fact, Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward offered to escort them out of the county. Attendees were also very appreciative of the work that Sheriff Ward has done on behalf of Harney County. Citizens had an opportunity to ask questions or just make statements and they took full advantage of that opportunity. Many pointed out that this event may have helped raise awareness and spur the community to action. Speakers were passionate about doing what was best for the community. Thank you to the hundreds of people who attended this meeting. Harney County is strong. January 6, 2016