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Oregon Employment Department: Burns Office Job Listings in Harney County

Harney County Application for Employment: Please follow one of the links below to access the Harney County Application for Employment form. The form is available as a Word or PDF document.

There are many times when the County has Request for Proposals (RFP), employment or other opportunities that need advertisement.   The County will post the documents and/or advertisements here and we encourage the frequent review of this page for the latest opportunities.  

Description Department/Office Responsible

911 Dispatch

Essential Functions/Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Answers emergency and non-emergency phone calls via multi-line telephones, assesses needs of caller and dispatches police, fire and/or medical response teams and equipment. Provides appropriate referrals, transfer and terminate calls or place outgoing calls when appropriate.
  • Give emergency instructions to the caller while responding units are in transit, including emergency medical pre-arrival instructions to the caller to render medical aid to the sick and injured until the arrival of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
  • Comply with regulations and requirements for the use of any data systems accessible through local, state, regional, federal or international networks ;( e.g. RMS, DMV and criminal justice information systems, LEDS, NCIC, Interpol, CPIC, etc.)
  • Enters accurate and orderly information into computer systems to generate calls for service; listens and talks to callers while typing information into the Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD), or recording information on a manual call card. Ensures public safety responders have accurate and updated call for service information.
  • Maintains working knowledge of geography of 9-1-1 service area; utilizes various electronic or paper maps, determines appropriate emergency response type, jurisdiction, and closest appropriate public safety apparatus (units) to deploy to various situations.
  • Correctly performs various computer operations to access sensitive and restricted law enforcement information systems; run local, state and national records checks on persons, vehicles and other property as requested by responding units: correctly disseminate the information.
  • Maintains appropriate security and confidentiality of information created or encountered in the performance of assigned duties.
  • Obtains and maintains all required certifications for the position. Abides by the Oregon Telecommunicator Code of Ethics.

Please follow this link to view the complete job posting.

This position is considered open until filled. The applicant can apply in person or call the Sheriff's Office at (541) 573-6028 to obtain a faxed or email application.


Reserve Corrections Deputy (Volunteer)

Purpose of Position:

Perform duties and maintain custody and surveillance of prisoners confined in the facility. All duties related to operation of the jail and inmates. Does related work as required.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Maintain custody and surveillance of prisoners confined in the facility. Observe and report prisoner behavior and physical condition.
  2. Control prisoner movement within the facility. Supervise and instruct prisoners on work crew and on prisoner program assignments.
  3. Collect evidence and property, interview witnesses, and coordinate inmate disciplinary hearings.
  4. Inspect prisoner's quarters, issue items to inmates, i.e., clothing, personal hygiene items, meals, related utensils, and bedding. Maintain written and computer logs, including medication and care logs, of activities and prepare reports.
  5. Process persons in and out of the facility. Review documents of arrest and commitment. Fingerprint, photograph, and search prisoners. Prepare necessary paperwork and reports.
  6. Maintain jail security, control entry to and movement within the facility, escort and transport and provide security for court appearances, hospital, and other outside detention of prisoners.
  7. Follow all safety rules and procedures for work area.
  8. Performs a variety of administrative support activities within the facility, e.g. telephone, files, computer entry, etc.
  9. Maintain work area by keeping it clean and orderly.

This position is considered open until filled. The applicant can apply in person or call the Sheriff's Office at (541) 573-6028 to obtain a faxed or email application.



Job Information: 37.5 HRS/WK, $45.84 TO $67.74/ hour DOE

PURPOSE OF POSITION: The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) or Physician Assistant is a professional nurse prepared at the Master’s or Doctorate level who is an expert in Family Practice of nursing and collaborates with the multidisciplinary treatment team. He/she is able to perform advanced or specialized nursing practice and the performance of acts of medical diagnosis and treatment. Assessment, diagnosis, treatment plans and/or referral will be made in accordance with medical protocols on file and/or evidence-based standards of care as published in current literature.  A supervising physician will be available to the nurse practitioner for consultation, referral, and periodic chart reviews.


Mandatory Requirements

  • Master's or Doctorate degree in nursing; completion of a state acceptable Family Nurse Practitioner's program; a minimum of one years’ experience is desirable. National certification Family Practice is preferred.
  • Thorough knowledge of nursing techniques and procedures, medical and lab equipment and testing procedures, medication.
  • Considerable knowledge of motivational interviewing and counseling techniques.
  • Ability to work independently, communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, deal tactfully and patiently with clients, establish and maintain records, reports and statistical data, use initiative and judgment, maintain effective working relationships with other related agencies, professionals and citizen groups, perform and record total physical examination, obtain vaginal, cervical, urethral and rectal cultures, and other laboratory specimens appropriate.
  • Skill in diagnostic procedures for diseases and the drug therapy needed for treatment of these medical conditions. Must be proficient in the use of medical and laboratory equipment.

Please follow this link to view the complete job posting.

Application Closing Date and Time:  Until Filled. Obtain an employment application from Human Resources, by email at or call 541-573-8373, The application is also available on the Harney County website under the Human Resource Department.



Harney County is searching for committee members to volunteer to research and review salaries for Elected Officials.

•    It is preferred that members have experience in Human Resource, payroll, compensation and benefits for private, public or nonprofit benefits. 
•    Committee members need to commit to 2-4 MEETINGS IN FEBURARY AND MARCH.

If you would like to be considered for the committee, please write a letter of interest and send it to Harney County Court, 450 North Buena Vista, Burns, Oregon 97720; note Elected Officials Compensation at the bottom of your envelope. Letters may also be emailed to The Court will be accepting letters of interest until 5 p.m. on January 26, 2022 and filling the committee.




Qualified candidates provide:

  • Management, promotion and delivery of educational programming that meets the needs of youth
  • Engage service to youth, the public and community partners
  • Commitment to promote and enhance diversity and contribute to a welcoming, inclusive and respectful work culture
  • Oversight and facilitation of the 4-H Program in Harney County aligned with the state 4-H Program

Follow this link to view the brochure on this job.

Follow this link to apply for this position.