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The Clerk’s office will open from 7:00 am. Thru 8:00 p.m. on Election day.

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The Elections Division administers all local elections within Harney County and registers voters, insuring compliance with federal, state and local laws.

The County Clerk is the chief election official of the County. The Clerk's Office checks ballot measures for timeliness and that they are worded accurately as required by law. The office plans, coordinates and conducts all elections in Harney County and ensures that elections are conducted according to statute and other legal requirements. The office directs the preparation and maintenance of records related to voting activities and candidate services. The clerk provides uniformity in the application, operation and interpretation of election laws and assures that the public is provided with complete and accurate information.

Harney County encourages everyone eligible to vote to exercise their basic right of citizenship and register to vote, and follow through with voting in the elections that occur throughout the year.

Upcoming Election

Harney County will hold a local election on November 2, 2021.  There will be 1 County-wide ballot measure- #13-18: Requires County Court meetings regarding relocation of Oregon-Idaho border;  two (2) ballot measures for the City of Burns- #13-19: Advisory Vote on State Deer Cull Program and #13-20: Advisory Vote on ODOT Road Diet Implementation on Highway 20/395; and 1 ballot measure for the City of Hines- #13-21: Advisory Vote on State Deer Cull Program.   Ballots will go in the mail beginning October 13th, and are due back by 8:00 p.m. Election day, November 2, 2021.

The 2022 Election season in Harney County and the nation began on Thursday, Sept. 9, when candidates can begin filing paperwork for county, state and federal offices for the 2022 election cycle.
In the midst of redrawing the Oregon Legislature and United States House of Representatives boundaries across Oregon, the state is gaining an extra seat in the US House of Representatives this year. Even though the election maps are not completed people will be able to file to run. Normally by this time of the year the maps for the state and federal races are completed, so people know what district they live in.

Harney County is represented by District 60 in the Oregon House and in District 30 the Oregon Senate. The District 60 seat is held by Mark Owens.  Senate District 30 is held by Lynn Finley.

In Harney County two of the Harney County Court seats are up for election. They are currently held by Commissioner Patty Dorroh and County Judge Pete Runnels. Also up for election is County Treasurer, currently held by Bobbi Jo Heany.

People who are interested in running for any of the offices can download a candidate filing form from the Oregon Secretary of State’s website, .  The races in Harney County are nonpartisan so candidates will need to complete the nonpartisan form. Candidates can also pick up the paperwork from the County Clerk’s Office; the completed forms can also be returned to the Harney County Clerk’s Office, except for filings for County Judge. Oregon Statute requires candidates for that position file with the Oregon Elections Division.  The deadline to file is in mid-March. The cost to file is $50.

The number of people running for the Commissioner, Judge and Treasurer positions will determine when the election will be decided — May or November. If there are two or more people running per position, and no one gets more than 50% of the vote in the May primary then the top two placers will compete in a run off in November. If there are two or fewer people running for one of the County positions and someone receives more than 50% of the vote in the May election, there will be no election in November for those races. The national races will be decided in November after the primaries in May.   

Depending on how the final lines are drawn, the number of legislative seats Harney County residents will be voting on could change. The maps should be completed in October if there are no legal challenges.

For more information contact the Harney County Clerk’s Office at 541-573-6641.

Contact the county clerk for filing information. Filing forms can be found at

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