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Jodi McLean, RN, Executive Director
415 N. Fairview
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-8360
FAX: 541-573-8389
Email: jodi.mclean@co.harney.or.us

Home Health and Hospice Team

Home Health & Hospice TeamAdministrative Staff

  • Jodi McLean, Director
    Email: jodi.mclean@co.harney.or.us
  • Dawna Sue Nyman, Office Manager
  • Jan Larson, Office Assistant
  • DeeDee Henry, Volunteer, Bereavement Coordinator
  • Joy Stevens, Social  Services Provider
  • Bob Yunkers, Chaplain
  • Steve Bull, MSW

Medical Staff

  • Sara Laiosa, MD - Hospice Medical Director
  • Beth Brooks, RN
  • Sheri Campbell, RN
  • Phyllis Commeree, RN
  • Jackie Drinkwater, RN
  • Nancy Carpentier, RN
  • Matt Kohl, RN
  • Dianna Jacques, CHHA
  • Jolyn Kerr, CHHA
  • Ty Volle, Physical Therapist
  • Kris Sanders, Physical Therapist
  • Anna Reponen, PTA
  • Kara Bowen, PTA

Hello from all of us at Harney County Home Health Hello from all of us at Harney County Home Health &

The hospice philosophy acknowledges that dying is a part of the normal process of living. It focuses upon filling the person’s last days with as much physical, psychological and spiritual comfort as possible. The hospice philosophy embodies the belief that quality of life and dignity are important human rights---throughout a person’s entire lifetime.” National Hospice Association

Harney County Hospice came into existence in December 1992, after a year of hard work organizing and certifying the program. Strong support from the entire community is the reason we were able to start this service, and that support allows us to continue this program for Harney County. Being the smallest hospice in the nation brings unique challenges. The entire community has been generous with donations. The businesses have been willing to cooperate in any way they can. The medical community –all of them from the Doctors, nurses, hospital and clinic staff, their office personnel, volunteers, pharmacies, and medical equipment companies have all embraced hospice, and assisted in many ways, which makes our hospice successful. Their support makes our work highly valued, and coupled with the support of the community our job is much easier to do.  The hospice staff is on call 24 hours a day-- seven days a week for hospice patients and their families; to answer questions, or for a nurse’s visit to deal with the problems that may arise. Hospice is a personal and rewarding experience for all involved, and we often become friends of both patient and family members. What a great gift patients and their families give when they allow us to assist them with their care, and  to be there in their home at the time of their death. The grief that surrounds the death of each patient affects our hospice members personally. The continued support of the community makes our job much easier, and helps us walk through our grief. There is no way to truly express how much your support is appreciated, except to say that your ongoing participation and acceptance is welcomed, valued and respected.

We also provide skilled home care services to qualifying patients in the entire geographical region of Harney County under the direction of a physician.  This includes RN, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Home Health Aide services.  Please call 541-573-8360 for any questions.