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Harney County, Oregon
Archives 2000-2017


Official Election Results (PDF files)


May 16, 2000

November 7, 2000
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Tax Appeals

To appeal your property value:

File a petition with the Board of Property Tax Appeals. Your petition must be filed between the date of your tax statement and no later than Dec. 31. You may also appeal a personal or real property return late-filing penalty to the board during the same time period.

Obtain appeal forms from our office or you can download and print Board of Property Tax Appeals Forms from the Oregon State Department of Revenue web site.

If you disagree with the Board of Property Tax Appeals' decision, you may appeal to the Magistrate Division of the Oregon Tax Court. An appeal must be made within 30 days of the mailing of the local board's decision.

To appeal other property tax issues:

Appeal directly to the Magistrate Division if you disagree with an exemption denial, disqualification from special assessment, an omitted property assessment or other non-value issue. Appeals must be made within 90 days of the assessor's action.

If you miss the regular appeal deadline, you can still appeal to the Magistrate Division if there is good and sufficient cause for not appealing on time. The court also may be able to consider a late appeal for residential property if there is an error of 20 percent or greater value.

Appeals to the Department of Revenue:

You may appeal to the Oregon Department of Revenue in certain situations. These include:

  1. A timely appeal was not made to the Board of Property Tax Appeals or Magistrate Division. In limited circumstances, the department may be able to consider your appeal for the current and two prior assessment years.
  2. You applied for an exemption, but were denied because the application was late. You were otherwise qualified for the exemption. Your appeal to the department must be made by December 15 of the year the application was due.

Appeal petitions may be obtained from the Harney County Assessor or from the Oregon Department of Revenue.

Records Research

Historic Written Deed Indices - 1881-1950

In the table below are links to Direct & Indirect Deed Index books to be used for records research. There are 3 Direct Books, and 4 Indirect Books, with some overlapping date ranges. The following definitions will help clarify the information provided herein:

  • Direct:
  • Indirect:
  • Grantor:
  • Grantee:
Date Range Book First Letter of Last Name or
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 A
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 B
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 C
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 D
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 E
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 F
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 G
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 H
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 I
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 J
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 K
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 L
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 M
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 Mc
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 N
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 O
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 P
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 R, R-1, & R-2
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 S
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 T
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 U
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 V
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 W, W-1, W-2, & W-3
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 Y
1881-1895 Direct Book 1 Z
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 A
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 B
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 C
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 D
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 E
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 F
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 G
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 H
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 I
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 J
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 K
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 L
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 M
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 Mc
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 N
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 O
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 P
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 Q
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 R
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 S
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 T
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 U
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 V
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 W
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 Y
1878-1915 Direct Book 2 Z
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 A
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 B
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 C
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 D
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 E
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 F
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 G
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 H
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 I
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 J
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 K
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 L
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 M
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 Mc
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 N
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 O
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 P
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 Q
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 R
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 S
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 T
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 U
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 V
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 W
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 Y
1916-1950 Direct Book 3 Z
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 A
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 B
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 C
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 D
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 E
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 F
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 G
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 H
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 I
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 J
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 K
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 L
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 M
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 Mc
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 N
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 O
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 P
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 R
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 S
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 T
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 U
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 V
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 W
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 Y, Y-1, & Y-2
1874-1910 Indirect Book 1 Z
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b A
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b B
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b C
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b D
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b E
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b F
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b G
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b H
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b I
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b J
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b K
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b L
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b M
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b N
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b O
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b P, P-1, & P-2
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b R
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b S
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b T
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b V
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b W
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b Y
1878-1895 Indirect Book 1-b Z
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 A
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 B
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 C
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 D
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 E
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 G
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 H
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 I
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 J
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 L
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 M
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 Mc
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 O
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 P
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 Q
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 R
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 S
1910-1915 Indirect Book 2 V
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 A
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 B
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 C
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 D
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 E
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 F
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 G
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 H
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 I
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 J
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 K
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 L
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 M
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 Mc
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 N
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 O
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 P
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 Q
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 R
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 S
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 T
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 U
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 V
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 W
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 Y
1916-1950 Indirect Book 3 Z

Questions?  Please call our office at 541-573-6641.

Recording and Records Research

Public Meeting Quick Reference Guide 


General Information Regarding Fees and Requirements

Military discharges (DD-214) or certified copies of same:  NO fee – Restricted record (SB 618)


ORS 205.232 states that a county clerk shall not accept a document for recording unless it meets the following requirements:

  • Paper weight of not less than 20 lb. bond
  • Document no larger than 8.5 x 14 inches
  • Text size printed or written shall be at least eight point type

ORS 205.234 requires that the following information be on the first page of any document presented for recording, or on a cover sheet recorded with the document:

  • Name(s) of transaction(s) – ORS 205.236
  • Name(s) of all parties
  • Name(s) and address of person to whom the document will be mailed
  • Mailing address for future tax statements as required by ORS 93.030, if applicable
  • True & actual consideration as required by ORS 93.030, if applicable
  • Information required for County Clerk Lien Record as required by ORS 205.125(1)(c) and (e)       

Documents that do not meet the above requirements will be charged an additional fee of $20 per ORS 205.327.

ORS 205.320(4)(b) requires a $5 per page (or side) fee
ORS 205.236 requires that an additional fee be charged for documents that contain more than one transaction. 

Example:  Substitution of trustee & deed of reconveyance (one document)$81 first page + $5 additional transaction (+ $5 each additional page) One page $86.

ORS 205.320(12) requires a $5 fee for each additional assignment, satisfaction, or release, included in and made a part of one document.


To request a copy by mail or e-mail:

  • First page: $3.75
  • Each additional page: $.25

Copies made in our office, not related to same day recording:

  • Each page: $.25

Certified copies:

  • First page:   $3.75
  • Each additional page:  $.25


If a document is rejected as “illegible” due to a notary and/or corporate seal or highlighting covering text, please re-do the document or consider the following options:

  • If it is your opinion that the illegible information on the document is either unimportant or unnecessary, you may consider removing it or crossing it out. Please check with your legal counsel prior to doing so, the information may be required. If a form contains illegible text, a legible form of the same kind may be attached to the original, and it should state, “attached for legibility” somewhere on the attached page. Attaching extra pages will increase the total cost for recording. Notary must be original; photocopies cannot be recorded. Notary seals must not cover text or signatures on the document. A notary stamp that is blurred or faint is not acceptable for recording. You may write the information outside the seal border, or a new seal and/or acknowledgement can be affixed to compensate. (OAR 160-100-0000)
  • Any highlighting of text or any other information on a document will cause the document to be rejected.


  • Subdivision name, lot and block; or
  • Book and page or instrument number of a recorded deed where the legal can be found.
  • Assessor’s map and tax lot number or account number is not acceptable as a legal description.


  • Recording Fee Schedule
  • You MUST provide a legible copy before your document is recorded.
  • Any text of a document submitted for recording not sufficiently legible to reproduce a readable photographic record after the recording process will be returned without being recorded with an explanation of what is wrong.
  • Flaps or riders must be attached to page on at least two sides. Anything under the flap or rider will not be recorded.
  • The first page of the instrument must have a 2 inch border at the top of the page and 1-1/2 inch border along the other three sides.
  • If this space is not provided, you will be charged for an extra page ($5).
  • Document will be mailed back after recording.
  • eRecording Services Harney County Clerk's office offers electronic document recording (eRecording). This service allows you to record your documents more rapidly than if the documents are mailed. Documents must be submitted through a third-party vendor. In other words, we do not accept documents sent to us by email. Currently, Harney County has contracted with Simplifile, EPN and CSC.  Other interested vendors are welcome to contact our office. Those wishing to e-record documents with us can contact Simplifile, EPN or CSC at the numbers below, to set up an e-recording account.
  • Simplifile - (800) 460-5657
  • e-Recording Partners Network (epn) – 888-325-3365
  • Corporate Service Company (CSC) - 866-652-0111

This office cannot:

  • Give legal advice
  • Provide blank forms Help fill out forms.
  • Help fill out forms.
  • Suggest what type of forms to use.
  • Accept illegible, smeared documents which may not provide a readable scanned image Record documents other than those specified by Oregon Statutes.
  • Provide birth, death and court records (including divorce decrees).

Records Research

Here is a link to Official Harney County Deed / Mortgage / Lien and Probate Record indices.

Harney County Deed Records are indexed back to circa 1950. Harney County’s on-line index is complete from circa 1951 thru today. Documents prior to 1951 may or may NOT appear in your search, as we are currently working on indexing the Historical Deeds. So, keep in mind, if the Deed record you are looking for is prior to 1951, and you do not find it in this index, please check with our office and a search through the historical index can be done.

Mortgage, Lien, and Probate Records are indexed back to 1984.

All indexed records are current through today.

Copies will be made available by mail or e-mail, at a fee of $3.75 plus .25 cents per page. Certified copies of records are available for an additional $3.75.    For Copies of the documents, Please contact our office at 541-573-6641, or by e-mail at or for copies of these records.

You may view documents in our office free of charge. Our staff will help you get started using the equipment and finding your information. We are located on the first floor of the Harney County Court House at 450 N Buena Vista, Burns.

Our office does not do research over the phone. To search our records, you must come to our office in person, e-mail your request to or, or mail in your request.. Our mailing address is: Harney County Clerk, 450 N Buena Vista, Burns, Oregon 97720. When mailing a request, please include the Document number and the year of recordation. Please see recording fee schedule for recording and mailing costs. Please make checks payable to: Harney County Clerk. We cannot process your request without the correct payment.

If you are requesting a copy of a current deed and do not have the reference number, we can also search it by book and page number of deed book, or name of grantee or grantor and approximate recording date.  Questions?  Please call our office at 541-573-6641.