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The Harney County Court encourages property owners to review the following link associated with SB762.  Many tax lots in Harney County have been categorized as High or Extreme and/or Wildland-Urban Interface risk on the new Wildfire Risk Assessment Maps. Property owners are strongly encouraged to follow the Appeals Process if you feel your property has been miscategorized, it is a 60 day process,

This Technical Guide for Wildfire Mapping Risk is included as a reference document. Email for direct comments about the map. 

Please follow this link to access the Appeals Form.

Follow the link to search for your tax lot number for appeals form.

While this particular Open House meeting is past, this flyer is still a good resource with contact information to find out how Harney County's Changing Flood Map may effect you. Please follow this link to view the flyer. Questions, please contact Brandon McMullen, Harney County Planning Director, 541-573-6655,