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Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down. The Senior Center has had to curtail hours of operations for a number of reasons. To help those in need the Harney County Court will be coordinating needs with volunteers.

Are you a Senior citizen or health compromised individual that is in need of help?  Rather it be a shopping trip or someone picking up needed supplies or pharmacy meds? 

If so, please call the Harney County Court at 541-573-6356 (Monday thru Friday) and give your name and need to Kerry. We will record who has a need and find the right volunteer to help you out.

We will coordinate with churches and youth groups to fulfill your needs.

Are you a willing and able volunteer that IS NOT in the danger age brackets that would be willing to assist? We need healthy non-compromised individuals to help fill the needs of our Seniors and those with underlying conditions. The need is now!

Stay Home, Save Lives … and Stay Healthy Harney County!