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December 9th, 2020


Harney County has received the COVID grant dollars from the State of Oregon to help businesses struggling locally from the effects of COVID-19. The dollar amount received is $564,855.

The target for these dollars is to prioritize the hospitality industry first, followed by     businesses impacted by the freeze, and small business in general. A committee was formed to set up some guidelines and parameters of how these dollars will be allocated. The priority group will be allocated the first $339,000 followed up by other businesses in the county in need of the remaining $211,000. There is a short application process to follow to meet the minimal requirements. The application can be found on the Harney County web-site, Harney County Economic Development and SBDC’s local Facebook pages.

The award amounts will range from $6000 (0-4 employees), $9000 (5-9 employees)  and $12,000 (10 employees up). The hard deadline for the application to be returned is December 21, 2020 at 12:00pm (noon).

Please spread the word amongst the business community and others. We want to help as many in need as possible that meet the requirements.


Pete Runnels – Harney County Judge