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Office of the District Attorney

Welcome to the Office of the District Attorney

Ryan P. Hughes
District Attorney
450 N. Buena Vista #15
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-8300
FAX: 541-573-8304


Hello, and welcome to the Harney County District Attorney’s Office website!  I hope you find this website accessible and useful. 

Overview of the Office

In Harney County, the District Attorney's Office handles all of the state criminal prosecutions that occur within the county, and is responsible for ensuring that victims' rights are protected. The District Attorney's Office is also involved in juvenile delinquency cases, child support enforcement, and mental commitment hearings.

Furthermore, the office, and especially the District Attorney, is involved in various criminal justice organizations and committees (e.g., the county's child abuse and elderly adult Multi-Disciplinary Team, and the county’s Local Public Safety Coordinating Council).

The District Attorney also serves as the focal point for all of the various law enforcement agencies that operate within the county, such as the Oregon State Police, the Harney County Sheriff's Office, the Burns Police Department, the Hines Police Department, and Harney County Community Corrections (i.e., parole & probation department); and we also have a relationship with the Burns Paiute Tribal Police.  We also perform legal research and advise law enforcement on the practical effects of applicable rules and statutes.

In addition to the elected District Attorney, the Harney County D.A.'s Office is comprised of an office manager, a legal clerk, a victims' advocate, and a deputy district attorney.

We are a close-knit office that strives to serve our community and promote public safety. 

Thank you for visiting our website!

Please visit our “staff” page for our contact information.  The Criminal Justice Process page, the Policies & Documents page, and the Victim’s Services page also have additional information.

Ryan P. Hughes
District Attorney
County of Harney, State of Oregon