Harney County Preprinted Maps-Listed by Title

Purchase maps online via GovTeller (ConvenientPayments).  Just add them to your cart via the links in the map table below. Once on the payment screen, select the unit map you would like to order under the department tab. If you are doing an order involving multiple maps, select custom order under the department tab and then explain what maps you would like to order in the comments field. When entering the payment amount be sure that the total amount reflects the amount of maps ordered at $15 per map. The map price includes shipping and handling. 


Other Maps (36" x 48")

Addresses Burns & Hines $ 15.00 Gov-Teller
City of Burns Water & Sewer $ 15.00 Gov-Teller
Flood Zone, Harney County $ 15.00 Gov-Teller
Points of Interest, Harney County $ 15.00 Gov-Teller
Roads, Harney County $ 15.00 Gov-Teller
Streets, Burns & Hines $ 15.00 Gov-Teller
School District $ 15.00 Gov-Teller
Tax District, Harney County $ 15.00 Gov-Teller
Zoning, Burns & Hines $ 15.00 Gov-Teller
Zoning & Land Use, Harney County $ 15.00 Gov-Teller
Lake County Map $ 15.00 Gov-Teller
Specialty Maps
Harney County Address Book $ 50.00 Gov-Teller
Custom Map Request (Cost Per Hour) $ 70.00 Gov-Teller