Senior & Community Services Center

Housing Programs offered at HCSC by Community in Action of Harney County

Heidi Sands, Housing Program ManagerCommunity In Action
17 S. Alder Ave
Mailing Address: P. O. Box 728
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: (541) 573-6024
FAX: (541) 573-6025

Foreclosure Intervention & Counseling: This FREE counseling is for families and individuals who anticipate having trouble making their mortgage payments and/or those who are already in default.  We cover all the options that are available to households who are in need of assistance by explaining how individuals can work with their loan servicer; the basics of loan modifications; Oregon’s foreclosure regulations and timeline; what is a short-sale and deed-in-lieu; the ins and outs of the federal “Making Home Affordable” plan; and how to avoid foreclosure scams.  Don’t hesitate and get farther behind in your payments.  Take advantage of this free service and come in today!

Rental Assistance:  We have some rental assistance available for people who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless.  If you feel you are in need, please come in today.

Residential Rehabilitation: This program has funds to pay for necessary and eligible home repairs such as foundation work, electrical and plumbing upgrade, dry rot and structural repair, heating system upgrade, roof repair or replacement, siding, handicapped accessibility, painting, and weatherization.  This is a zero interest loan program with no monthly payments.  Stop in today to get more information on this great program!

Service Packet: Please follow this link to get the Service Packet.