Geographical Information Systems-GIS

The Harney County GIS Program has been in place since 1999 when the Tax Lot Layer was digitized and brought into ArcInfo.  The County worked closely with the BLM in our efforts to kick start this program.  A joint MOU provides for the BLM and County to share data back and forth and makes both programs more complete.

Bryce Mertz, GIS Coordinator
360 N. Alvord
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-8195
Cell: 541-505-2872
FAX: 541-573-8387

Brett Thomas, GIS/Building Program Tech
Phone:  541-413-3602

The following County programs are provided by the Harney County Planning Department:

  • Land Use Planning and Zoning
  • Building Permit and Plan Review Services
  • Onsite Sanitation and Inspection Services
  • GIS/Mapping
  • Road/R.O.W. research/Road History

Harney County Addresses:

Harney County Road Naming Permit

INTERACTIVE TAX LOT MAP APPLICATION: Follow this link to use Harney County's new GIS mapping application online. Create your own maps.

Access the Interactive Harney County Map Hub

Interactive Harney County Map Hub



  Tax Map Maintenance  

Preprinted Maps


Hunt Unit Maps


Need a Custom Map?

The Custom Maps page, allows you to order your custom map after first contacting our GIS office to determine your map specifics.  GIS will provide you with the cost of the map.  Follow these steps to place your online custom map order:

  1. Contact Harney County GIS at or 541-573-8195 to discuss the details of your map.

  2. Please provide complete information in case we have questions while fulfilling your order.

Custom Maps can also be ordered by mail.  Contact the GIS Office for additional information.

New:  The GIS Department now has several maps available to download from the Download Maps page.

FEMA Flood Maps, Oregon Risk Map

GIS Map Price List and Hunt Map Order Form

Harney County Property Ownership

Harney County has a large percentage of land owned by government entities.  The table below, Ownership Table, shows the large owners of property in the County.   Land exchanges and sale of property by public entities may change these percentages slightly. 

Land Ownership Breakdown

Land Ownership Graph

Properties located in rural Harney County may have limited or no access.  Roads shown on maps may be trails or two-tracks which are often impassable year-round.  During the months of October through May dirt roads may also become impassable.  Four wheel drive and high clearance vehicles are recommended for year-round travel.  Fuel availability is often limited to rural Harney County.  It is recommended to contact local authorities for current road conditions and to notify others of your travel plans.