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Planning Documents

Land Use-Goals, Policies, Regulations, & Procedures

The documents listed below provide the goals, policies, formal regulations and implementation procedures dealing with land use in Harney County.

Zoning Maps:  Available online line from Harney County GIS.

Land Use Permit Fees:


Land Use Permit Application:
The Land Use Permit Application provides one consolidated application for all types of land use permits available in Harney County.  Many times only one application is needed to apply for multiple permits.

Harney County Comprehensive Plan

Harney County Subdivision and Partitioning Ordinance:  The Subdivision and Partitioning Ordinance provides the regulations regarding the division of land and the development of multiple lots for residential purposes. 

Harney County Zoning Ordinance:  The Harney County Zoning Ordinance provides the legal framework for the land use regulations in the County.  Each zoning designation and the specific provisions are listed here as well as maps for each zoning designation.  These maps can be obtained electronically from the Planning Department.

Zoning Maps, not all maps that are in the Zoning Ordinance are  included here.  The list is complete the the only maps available will be linked to a PDF file.  Printed maps are available and can be sent to you for a nominal fee Go to Preprinted Maps.

Building Program:

Harney County Inventories  (i.e. Aggregate, Historic, Natural Areas, etc.) There are a number of inventories that have been put together in response to various Statewide Planning Goals.

HC Transportation System Plan 2001 (TSP)
The Harney County Transportation Plan was adopted in 2001 and provides the details for transportation and its development.  The process for completing the TSP was valuable and the information, inventories and recommendations have proven to be a great benefit to the County.